About EduFood

EduFood provides the resources and pragmatism needed to create a new culture of healthful eating in schools and communities, based on wisdom of the past, science of the present, and hopes for a better future.

We are fat, tired, sick, and sad. Currently, over 50% of deaths in America are caused by our unhealthy diets. In addition to dying from this epidemic, we are suffering in life as well, with an explosion of type-II diabetes, cancer, depression, and many other diet-related diseases.

We are at a crossroads and the time is now to make dramatic changes to the way we eat! It is time to change what’s on our plates and start caring about the foods we put into our bodies. Healthy, local, pure, delicious foods are in our future, and working with EduFood is the perfect way to educate and strategize with schools and communities.

An expert in her field, Sunny Young Baker has worked tirelessly for the past eight years changing school meals across the United States. Her love of food and passion for food justice has brought her into contact with the food movement’s biggest power players including Alice Waters and Renegade Lunch Lady Ann Cooper working on national projects. Baker successfully assisted in implementing over 2,000 salad bars into schools across the US, helped start over 300 healthy breakfast programs, and worked on the ground in Boulder, Colorado to overhaul lunch menus at the 48 Boulder Valley School District schools. Baker is armed with an interdisciplinary degree focusing on topics of global food policy and presents topics in a funny and easy-to-understand manner.

Food is the hip new topic on the menu – food gets everyone excited and better food leads to a better quality of life. Schools operating under the National School Lunch Program are facing the big meal requirement changes in over 15 years. Schools now must include more green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and less salt, fat, and sugar. EduFood is tuned into these changes, can help schools adhere to current updates and become ahead of the curve on upcoming changes. Both Schools and community organizations can market their programming based on delicious and innovative food improvements. This could mean enlisting EduFood to help establish a garden, improve menu offerings, or simply excite students and communities about better eating.

EduFood works with schools and community groups to educate on our current food predicaments and strategize delicious, healthy solutions, offering three services: Speaking, Consulting, and Project Management.

Bring EduFood into your next meeting to learn about the roots of diet-related issues affecting our health and the health of our environment. Presentations lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour will educate your audience on these problems, and then present a number of easy-to-understand-and-adopt solutions.

In addition, EduFood provides a consulting service for organizations looking to make changes to the way they serve and educate their communities on food topics. This includes: incorporating local foods into meal plans, introducing food-education-based curriculum to students, establishing good food infrastructure such as educational gardens and markets, and organizing events such as field days and fundraisers.

For an especially effective and lasting solution, EduFood offers project management for food improvement efforts. This includes assisting your school, district, or organization in applying for food improvement grants and managing the projects until the program is sustainable on its own.

Food is fun! Healthy food can taste delicious, and better food can reverse health problems that currently plague children and adults, including diet-related disease and mental health problems.

EduFood is here to educate and strategize lasting, healthy solutions to today’s most important and pressing problems related to food.


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